How did your dad influence your life?

I want to celebrate the contribution that fathers and father figures have made to the life of their children by writing an article.  I would appreciate if you can help me with the process by answering 2 simple questions (reply here):

(1) How did your dad influence your life and career?

(2) What is your best memory or moment with your dad?

Please use the comments box OR the link below to submit your answers.

THANK you for your Help. Please note that the survey is completely ANONYMOUS.

One thought on “How did your dad influence your life?

  1. Marina Silva

    I want to share this comment that I received via Google from C Philips:

    My Dad passed 8 months ago in my hands. I bent down and kissed him goodbye and I knew at that moment he was gone but also that he had equipped me more in my 36 years of life than many get in 86 years of life.

    I joined the United States Air Force as a medic at 18 years old. Did my Dad serve? No, my Mom did. My Dad said “Mija, are you sure”? And when I was stationed in Japan and scared and had seen too much my Dad hopped on a plane and flew to give me comfort. My Dad was there to teach me to change a tire, read a book, play basketball, handle disappointment, to love passionately. I could write a book on my Dad. He didn't have to love me, he chose too and I didn't always make myself lovable.

    My favorite memory with my Dad is just laying with him watching Lakers/Raiders games or playing basketball in the backyard. It wasn't all the adventures or special occasions. It was the down time that mattered most.


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